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Our Newspaper editorial

We were very pleased to see a small editorial about our business progress in the Hereford Admag recently. Let us know if you spotted it, but if you didn't, the lovely write up is copied out below for everyone to read!

"10 years in business, started from scratch, now a thriving company – A local success story

Local company, O. H. Mower Services, was established 10 years ago in 2007 by young entrepreneur Oliver Headley. At just 20 years old, Oliver created O. H. Mower Services with the support from family and friends. Over the past 10 years, the company has gone from strength to strength and prides itself on being a friendly, family run business in Hereford.

Fast forward lots of fantastic achievements as well as some difficult, but worthwhile, times to September 2017, Oliver is incredibly proud to announce that he has moved the business into a new premises, which boasts a new showroom full of brand new machines for sale and has now also got a separate, dedicated repairs and service workshop where he can continue to serve all customers, new and existing.

Our main goal is to continue to offer the best possible service at the best possible price. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge in the industry with honest, down-to-earth advice. We will continue to only sell machines that we would be happy to use ourselves and look after our customers before, during and most importantly, after a sale – we really do want everyone to be happy with what they buy and the service received!

We care so much about what we do here and are all so proud to now be in a better premises down Sweetmans Yard with the support from our dealerships: Westwood, Echo, Cobra and EGO Power Plus.

We are very excited to see what the next 10 years will bring!

Oliver was just 20 years old when he set up O. H. Mower Services. He had not done well academically whilst struggling with Aspergers and was not expected to go far in life/work. He is living proof that if you find something that you love and are passionate about, then you can succeed. Success is not based on how much you earn, but how happy you are and if you can meet your own goals. He did not allow his reading and writing to affect his skills in mechanics and has pushed on through everything to get to where he is. It isn’t always plain sailing, there will be difficult times, but if you work hard enough, doing what you love can also become your success story."

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