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Cobra - The brand and the product


"Cobra Garden Machinery was launched in 2013 and is supported by the Henton & Chattell Ltd Group, giving Cobra Garden the benefit of over 80 years experience in the Garden Machinery and Horticultural Industry."

Why do we highly recommend Cobra Garden products? I could tell you so many positive things about the Cobra brand and their products, here are some of our biggest reasons of why to choose Cobra.

  • The Cobra Garden brand company are based in Nottingham, UK. You will always have British customer service and spares are readily available within the UK.

  • Value for money- Cheap would imply poor quality. But that is definitely not the case with Cobra products. With a Cobra machine, you get incredible value for your money. In comparison to similarly priced machines, you get so much more in customer service and quality.

  • Machines are clearly built with the customer in mind, Cobra are always taking on customer suggestions and they make their machines to suit the customer. Small details such as lawn mowers having comfort grips and easy to fold over handles are what make Cobra products so great.

  • 2 year warranty on everything* (Domestic users only)

  • Approved Cobra dealers are all over the UK, so unlike other online bought machines, the brand is most likely supported by your local repairers.

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